Buxom: Single Eyeshadow Bar

Buxom: Single Eyeshadow Bar

Buxom: Empty Customizable 6-Shade Refillable Compact

An empty, customizable palette compact that holds six BUXOM Eyeshadow Bar eye shades
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Take your favorite BUXOM Eyeshadow Bar eye shades to-go with this refillable, BUXOM Empty Eyeshadow Bar Customizable Compact. Choose your favorite shades and then pop them into the six-shade compact, which has a stylish, faux croc-embossed lid and an innovative, hidden drawer that slides in and out for easy loading.
How to use & Ingredients
How to use

How to fill your 6-Pan Compact:

  1. Choose six eyeshadows.
  2. Slide open drawer from the right side of the palette.
  3. Remove clear plastic cover from eyeshadows, leaving them in their black bases.
  4. Insert eyeshadows into palette.
  5. Slide drawer into compact to close.
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