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Guinot: Men's Express Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

Guinot: Men's Express Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

Comfort Zone Man Space: Man Space Shower Performer

Comfort Zone: Man Space Shower Performer

Comfort Zone: Man Space Shave Performer

Facilitates a perfect shave, helps avoid irritation 150ml
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Soft and emollient shaving cream softens the skin and ensures a quick shave. Recommended also for delicate skin and sensitive to shaving thanks to its lenitive properties. The skin becomes soft, supple and compact with a sensation of freshness.

Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive ones and that tend to redden after shaving.

Téphroline™, an extract from the tephrosia purpurea plant, favours the synthesis of beta-endorphins that control stress. Olive oil, noted for emollient properties, gives the skin elasticity nourishment, and compactness. Allantoin is an effective soothing agent that attenuates redness and reinforces the skin's protective barrier. Menthyl lactate bestows freshness and a pleasant sensation of vitality.


How to use & Ingredients
Ingredients Betaphroline™, olive oil, allantoin, menthyl lactate.
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