Juvena: Juvelia Nutri Restore Neck & Decolleté Concentrate

Juvena: Juvelia Nutri Restore Neck & Decolleté Concentrate

Juvena: MasterCare Bio-Fleece Mask

Juvena: MasterCare Bio-Fleece Mask

Juvena: Aqua Recharge Essence

The 24-hour moisture essence 50ml
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For radiantly fresh skin – for women of all ages!

Skin Types and Conditions:

  • All skin types
  • Skin that needs immediate and long-lasting moisturizing effect

Product Benefits:

  • Lavishes the skin with intense moisture to make it feel wonderfully invigorated
  • Refreshes and invigorates the skin to make it appear visibly softer and refreshed
  • Has an immediate moisturizing effect which lasts for 24 hours
  • Protects against UV-induced stress, gives the skin’s stem cells renewed energy, and improves all cell functions
  • Creates the perfect feel-good environment for the skin, deeply improves the quality of the skin, and ensures the skin is supplied with all the nutrients it needs
  • Refills the skin’s moisture depots
How to use & Ingredients
How to use
  • Apply the essence after cleansing the skin as an intensive moisturizer before applying the normal skin care products
  • The pipette makes it easy to dispense the correct amount of essence
  • To do so, press lightly on the vacuum mechanism in the cap
  • The correct amount of liquid will then flow into the pipette
  • Drizzle this little by little over the face, neck and décolleté, and massage in gently with the fingertips
  • Use as additional moisture for everyday skin care or as an intensive course of treatment


Apply Aqua Recharge Essence on the tender areas of skin around the eyes to lavish it with moisture and build up a perfect defence against fine lines and wrinkles.


Active ingredients:

  • SkinNova SC Technology with stem cell extracts from wild rhododendrons: offers the perfect micro-environment for the development of skin cells, and ensures these receive a good supply of nutrients; boosts the vitality and energy of the skin’s own (stem) cells, at the same time offering protection against UV-induced stress.
  • Hyaluronic acid (long and short chain): thanks to its molecular structure, hyaluronic acid is highly effective in moisturizing the surface of the skin and making the skin feel instantly better. Deeper down, it stores and binds moisture, thus combating any early loss of elasticity in a most effective manner.
  • Japanese blood grass: also known as “silver spike” and “Red Baron”, grows primarily in China, Japan and Korea; it can also be found in eastern and southern parts of Africa; in Asia, Japanese blood grass is also known as “alang-alang grass”; in the east of the continent, it is sometimes grown in bonsai form or used for medicinal purposes; it grows to a height of 30–40 cm and consists of upright stalks, the leaves of which glow deep red; the cosmetics industry exploits its high moisture content to achieve a long-lasting 24-hr moisturizing effect.
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