Beautyblender: with Blendercleanser


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2 innovative long lasting sponges for applying wet and dry foundations coupled with our fabulous 5oz Beauty Cleanser to maintain and cleanse your sponge and makeup brushes!

Reward points With this product, you earn 60 loyalty point(s). 60 points = $3.00.

Product Description

The pink sensation that started it all, this edgeless, ergonomic must-have ensures flawless application of any complexion product, cream blush and more.

The Beautyblender and Blendercleanser Kit includes:

  • 2 Beautyblender Sponges - The Beautyblender is an incredible new way to apply your foundation. Its unique, egg-like shape is designed to apply your makeup without streaks or excess formula, resulting in a complexion that is seemingly flawless.
  • Blendercleanser (5 fl. oz.) - Blendercleanser kills bacteria, removes excess makeup and oil and refreshes your Beautyblender. It prolongs your Beautyblenders life and minimizes the amount of bacteria that comes into contact with your face for an even clearer and healthier complexion.

Additional Information

How to use

Directions of use for sponge:

Dampen Beautyblender with water and then towel dry to remove excess water. Dip into your favorite concealer, foundation, cream blush and powders. Bounce the prepared Beautyblender up and down on areas you want to apply make up to. Use Beautyblender's pointed side for hard-to-reach spots like around the nose and mouth, and under the eyes. Use the round base for foundation and blush on the larger areas of your face such as your forehead, cheeks and chin.

Directions of use for cleanser:

Wet Beautyblender. Apply a dime-sized amount of Blendercleanser to soiled areas of Beautyblender. Work into a lather, rinse, repeat if necessary. Squeeze to remove excess water. Set Beautyblender on insert pedestal or a clean ventilated place to dry.

Note: Beautyblender® needs air to dry, so perch on top of the canister packaging or use the custom grid in the solid® blendercleanser®. Once dry, beautyblender® can be stored in a makeup bag.

Ingredients Beautyblender's silky texture is latex free, non-allergenic and odor free.