Mount Lai: The Vitality Qi Myofascial Release & Cryo Facial Roller with Protective Pouch

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Inspired by Qi, the Chinese word for vital energy, the Vitality Qi Collection is our line of tools for advanced results and skin health. Each Vitality Qi tool comes with a protective felt pouch (value of $20).
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The facial roller is a Chinese skincare tool that has been used for thousands of years in the beauty routines of ancient royalty. Our proprietary Vitality Qi Dual Action Facial Roller evolved out of a need for a facial roller that offers more advanced movements and results for the face and the body. Hand crafted of premium White Jade (bai yu) and Stainless Steel by expert artisans, the Mount Lai proprietary design offers a facial rolling experience unlike any other.

White Jade Myofascial Release Roller 
More deeply kneads and massages to promote blood circulation to encourage glowing skin. It also stimulates movement in the underlying muscle to smooth out fascia and connective tissue.

Stainless Steel Cryo Roller 
Tightens the skin and helps minimize the appearance of pores. It also calms the skin with soothing coolness.

While jade is traditionally thought of as being a green stone, White Jade is one of the most highly prized types of jade in China for its healing & calming properties. Stainless Steel is ultra cooling, making it ideal for cryotherapy. Our stainless steel is professional grade and extremely durable.

The Mount Lai Vitality Qi Dual-Action Facial Roller is designed to:
- Reduce puffiness of the face as a result of fluid drainage
- Smooth out fascia and connective tissue
- Help tighten the skin and reduce appearance of pores
- Relieve facial and jaw tension
- Boost circulation to encourage glowing skin
- Aid with decongestion of the skin

The result? Visibly defined features and a tissue massage that smooths out knots and adhesions.

How to use & Ingredients
How to useUse our facial tools and skincare for naturally glowing, radiant skin. Pair different tools together with our skincare to maximize results. We harness ancient beauty secrets with a modern approach to craft gentle yet effective tools and skincare. Our products are easy to use and perfect to add to your everyday ritual.
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Mount Lai: The Vitality Qi Myofascial Release & Cryo Facial Roller with Protective Pouch