Phytomer: Oligoforce Advanced Serum

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Wrinkle and dark spot correction moisturizing serum with Oligomer® 30 ml
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OLIGOFORCE ADVANCED micro-emulsion contains two active flagship marine ingredients: OLIGOMER® concentrated sea water and Marine Eternal blue micro-algae to target dark spots and wrinkles. Its dewy texture, combining all the comfort of an oil and the effectiveness of a serum, envelops the skin in light and delivers intense hydration.


Dewy oil/serum

Skin Types:

Normal to dry


Day after day, skin is radiant, dark spots are diminished and wrinkles are smoothed away

How to use & Ingredients
How to use

Can be applied under your favorite day or night cream to give maximum youthful results.


Active Ingredients:

  • Marine Eternal: Increases the production of Thioredoxins, natural anti-oxydant defense proteins in the skin, to provide an efficient anti-oxydant* and anti-inflammatory* protection to prevent wrinkles and dark spots.
  • OLIGOMER®: Stimulates cell vitality for a remineralized, strengthened and healthier skin, more resistant to external aggression.
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Phytomer: Oligoforce Advanced Serum