Coola: Liplux SPF 30
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Coola: Liplux SPF 30

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    Dry & Chaps my lips :(

    This is a very "chalky" formula. It feels very "grainy' when I apply it and it doesn't help to moisten dry lips, it makes them very dry and chaps my lips so badly that they peel and bleed. My lips were a little dry before using this, after a few days of using it every day, my lips would crust, chap, peel and bleed. I had to go back to using "chapstick" to rescue my lips from this product. I'm very concerned about the grainy sandy texture of this though, it may have been over 2 years old, otherwise I cannot explain why it dries my lips out so badly because the list of ingredients check out to be very nourishing. The color is a bit tacky. I do not recommend this product, n'or will I be buying it again. Expensive for the disatisfaction.

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