Wet: Gold Hybrid Water and Silicone Blend Lube

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Combining the super-silky texture of a silicone lubricant with the gentle, mess-free and ultra versatile nature of a fantastic water-based formula, Wet presents the best of both worlds with Gold Hybrid Blended Lube. This premium (and hypoallergenic) lube was specially formulated to last till playtime's done. 93ml
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Thick and plushy right out of the bottle, Gold Hybrid melts into an easy-spreading layer of slippery pleasure. The smooth, intense moisture complements and enhances your or your partner's natural lubrication, but it's also fully capable of taking over completely when needed (ie: anal!). 

Gold Hybrid Blended Lube is a fantastic moisture option for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin, as it's free from parabens and glycerin. This luxury lube is fully compatible with most toy materials (excluding silicone toys), plus latex and poly condoms.

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Wet: Gold Hybrid Water and Silicone Blend Lube