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Guinot Institut Paris

Guinot Institut Paris Skin Care Products


Founded in 1972 in France by chemist René Guinot, the brand launched a collection that focussed on the Hydradermie treatment. Gradually, products were offered that could be used at home by the clients themselves.

Today, Guinot skin care has you covered from head to toe with products for the face, body, and sun protection. The brand realizes that each person’s skin is unique since we each have our own set of environmental and stressful conditions. They also believe the key to beautiful skin is a marriage between professional service and skin care products.

Guinot Canada prides itself on providing ethical products which are not tested on animals. The active ingredients come from non-GOM plants, and the formulas are paraben-free. The brand also cares about the environment and chooses its ingredients accordingly.

Give your eyes a breath of fresh air with the Guinot: Longue Vie Eye Cream. This luxurious cream smooths and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines while erasing signs of fatigue.

The Guinot: Longue Vie Cream blends 56 elements that are essential to the longevity and renewal of skin cells. It offers a powerful formula filled with vitamins. The cream stimulates collagen production, helping recreate youthful skin. 

No skin care routine is complete without a refreshing toner and Guinot: Hydra Fraîcheur Toning Lotion is a fantastic one. Ensure your skin is clean and fresh with the alcohol-free lotion that will leave your skin refined.