Guinot: Dépil Logic Deodorant Cream

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A cream deodorant, which act directly on the hair root to slow regrowth 50ml
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This cream deodorant is a must for skin that's sensitive after hair removal.



Skin Type:

All Skin

Features and Benefits:

  • Hair regrowth is slowed down
  • The underarm skin remains soft and hair-free for longer
  • The skin is protected against unpleasant odours and maintains antiperspirant protection
How to use & Ingredients
How to use

Apply to underarms daily.

  • Bulbaine® : Helps break down keratin and locally inhibit the enzyme involved in hair growth to slow down regrowth from the roots.
  • Alum Stone : Neutralises bacteria that cause unpleasant odour and regulates perspiration, without obstructing the skin’s natural process.
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Guinot: Dépil Logic Deodorant Cream