MISENCIL: Face & Eye Makeup Remover

MISENCIL: Face & Eye Makeup Remover

MISENCIL: Protector

MISENCIL: Protector

MISENCIL: Revitalizer

Revital eyelash serum has a moisturizing, fortifying and nourishing coating.


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An essential care product for natural lashes and eyelash extensions. The soothing and invigorating characteristics of keratin and panthenol bring shine, softness, strength and length to lashes and eyelash extensions. This unique complex nourishes and provides a healthier look to the extensions, which last longer and remain as beautiful as the first day.


  • Brings shine and softness to natural lashes and eyelash extensions
  • Brings strength and length
  • Nourishes and provides a healthy look to natural lashes
  • Eyelash extensions last longer
How to use & Ingredients
How to use

Apply one or two coats of conditioner each night before bed to clean, thoroughly cleansed lashes from root to tip.

Caution : Avoid contact with eyes

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