Phytomer: Citylife Face and Eye Contour Sorbet Cream

Phytomer: Citylife Face and Eye Contour Sorbet Cream

Phytomer: Citylife Ultra-Cleansing Flash Peel

Pollution Defense Deep Cleanser 125 ml
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Highly concentrated of exfoliating enzymes, CITYLIFE Ultra-Cleansing Flash Peel fights against skin pollution in just few seconds. Its ultra-fine foam texture melts on the skin to gently eliminate dead cells and impurities. Day after day, the skin is depolluted, softer, clear and radiant. The complexion is fresh and the pores are less visible.



Skin Types:

For tired, polluted and dull skin


  • Its rich, enveloping foam cleanses, removes impurities and exfoliates the skin in just a few seconds without coarse granules or rubbing
  • This quick, easy cleansing step makes daily life easier for busy urbanites
  • Non-abrasive - non-comedogenic - non-drying
How to use & Ingredients

Active Ingredients:

  • Citysafe: Acts on dehydration, signs of fatigue and pigmentation induced by pollution
  • Protease: Promotes exfoliation of dead skin cells and allows the skin to regenerate more quickly
  • OLIGOMER®: Reinforces the skin’s ability to breathe well in a polluted environment* and recharges it with minerals and trace elements
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