Pjur: Infinity Water-Based Personal Lubricant – 50mL

Pjur: Infinity Water-Based Personal Lubricant – 50mL

Pjur: AQUA Naked 100ml

Pjur: AQUA Naked 100ml

Pjur: Infinity Silicone-Based Personal Lubricant – 50mL

Slippery-smooth and long lasting, pjur® has you covered when it comes to personal lubes with the Infinity silicone lube!
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The pjur® Infinity silicone-based lubricant is a premium personal lubricant that is perfect for sex and massages.  It leaves your skin feeling silky soft after use so even when you’re finished playing, you and your partner still won’t want to take your hands off each other.  The formula is free from preservatives and still provides a long lasting lubrication, giving you all the possibilities to explore your sexuality. 

Easily pump the desired amount from the glass bottle onto your hands and rub this luxurious lube wherever you need it.  Sensually rub your partners shoulders, back, or thighs for a smooth, erotic massage, or make things nice and slippery when passions rise, along with other things, and get way more intimate.  Infinity is compatible with latex condoms too!  This silicone-based lubricant remains on the surface of the skin and is not absorbed, so if you want to wash if off, do so with mild soap and water. 

Note:  This lube is not a contraceptive.  It is non-spermicidal.  Avoid contact with the eyes and irritated skin. 

With pjur® you can experience sex with all your senses!

Key Features:

  • Silicone-Based Personal Lube
  • Extra-Long-Lasting Lubrication
  • Free from Preservatives
  • Leaves Skin Feeling Silky Soft
  • Latex Condom Suitable
  • High Quality Silicone
  • Glass Bottle
  • Unscented
  • Made in Germany
How to use & Ingredients

Dimethicone, Dimethiconol

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