Pro-Derm: Stem Youth Serum

Pro-Derm: Stem Youth Serum

Pro-Derm: Stem Youth Night Cream

Pro-Derm: Stem Youth Night Cream

Pro-Derm: Stem Youth Day Cream-Light Texture

Anti-ageing day cream that uses a technology based on plant stem cells and provides antioxidant protection against UVA and infrared rays 50ml
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Stem cells form the basis of life. The incredible and virtually unlimited capacity for renewal of these cells is at the heart of StemYouth Anti-Ageing Treatment.

Based on a revolutionary ingredient, PHYTOCELL® Malus Domestica, these cutting-edge treatments combine the best of biotechnology and the plant kingdom to combat the source of ageing by targeting tissues at the very heart of wrinkles.

It recreates an optimal environment for promoting potential skin stem cell regeneration and repair, and favours cell repopulation under the wrinkle, thus guaranteeing the production of key-components of the dermis and epidermis.


  • The skin becomes smoother as the wrinkles are filled considerably, day after day
  • The skin regains its elasticity and tonicity
How to use & Ingredients
How to useIn the morning, following a thorough skin cleansing, apply a small amount of StemYouth Day Cream Treatment to the face and neck, and massage in gently. Apply make-up, if desired.

*Contains no parabens – No synthetic fragrances – No dyes or mineral oil. Not tested on animals


A liposomal preparation with stem cell extracts from the roots of the argan tree, a highly-resistant species found only in South-West Morocco. It is the first cosmetic active ingredient to target skin stem cells.

The result of detailed scientific and technological research, this exceptional active ingredient has demonstrated its ability to protect dermal stem cell activity by providing a favourable nutritive microenvironment.

PhytoCellTec™ Argan, an ultra-concentrated extract of argan stem cells:

  • Revitalizes and protects dermal stem cells
  • Optimizes the natural regenerating process of dermal stem cells
  • Reactivates all young cell functions
  • Reshapes collagen and elastin
  • Fights wrinkles and loss of firmness where they occur


PHYTOCELL® Malus Domestica

Liposomal preparation based on stem cells from a rare variety of Swiss apple recognized for its longevity potential.

The result of detailed scientific and technological research, this active ingredient has demonstrated its ability to protect epidermal stem cell activity by providing a favourable nutritive microenvironment and by shielding the stem cells from UV rays, even in low concentrations.

PHYTOCELL® Malus Domestica is also recognized for its proven anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle effects as a result of scientific testing on cell cultures and objective clinical studies. Wrinkles are smoother, the skin structure is stronger from the inside, and the skin is firmer and more attractive.

A revolutionary ingredient, PHYTOCELL® Malus Domestica helps maintain young-looking skin in a number of ways. Keeping adult skin stem cells in their microenvironment, far from any stress that could trigger a change, helps preserve the skin’s youthfulness.



  • Anti-wrinkle and restructuring
  • Matrikines, tiny peptides similar to certain fragments of major proteins of the dermis (mostly collagen) act as cell messengers that regulate skin repair and skin matrix renewal
  • Fills in deep wrinkles
  • Provides a smoothing/anti-sagging effect, improving the skin’s texture, elasticity and tonicity



Protects DNA, cells and tissues from UVA and infrared rays, and from premature ageing.

This powerful antioxidant is extracted from a microorganism known as Thermus thermophilus that lives in the deep ocean waters, under extreme conditions, near hot sources where the water reaches temperatures of approximately 75oC.

It can inhibit free radicals—powerful toxins that promote skin ageing—which form following exposure to UV and infrared rays. It activates and stimulates the skin’s natural defence and repair mechanisms, providing DNA, cells (keratinocytes) and tissues (fibroblasts) with full protection against the harmful effects of UV and infrared rays.


Plant-based free-radical captor.

The olive tree is the ancient and traditional tree of all Mediterranean civilizations. Its leaves contain oleuropein, oleuropeoside and flavonoids, which serve as powerful free-radical captors.



Moisture reservoirs.

Tiny moisture reservoirs (acacia gum, alginate, serine) supply continuous moisture to the skin, ensuring an optimal moisture balance at all times.



Moisture receptor.

Much like a magnet, this blend of plant-based polysaccharides captures and retains water longer than traditional moisturizers.



Anti-inflammatory and free-radical captor.

Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is an edible fruit from the Lythraceae family. It likely originated in Iran and is recognized for its therapeutic qualities.

The oil is extracted from the pomegranate seeds. Containing more than 60% punicic acid, a molecule belonging to the family of polyphenols, the oil has exceptional anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is therefore used more and more to delay the effects of skin ageing. It is also hydrating and nourishing.



Mineral powder characterized by its sebum-absorbing properties.

Mattifies the skin.


OLIVEM® 1000 – Liquid crystal emulsion

This liquid crystal vegetal emulsion extracted from olive oil is hypoallergenic and ultra-hydrating. Like a highly-hydrophilic gel, the liquid crystals have a tremendous capacity to retain water, considerably increasing the hydrating power of StemYouth Day Cream.



Lavender’s healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make it effective in the treatment of dry and irritated skin. It is also recommended for delicate and rosacea-prone skin.



With its tonic, healing and antiseptic properties, geranium essential oil soothes and revitalizes dry skin.



Powerful regenerative, stimulating and tissue firming properties. Anti-wrinkle effect. Restores the skin’s elasticity.


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