Comfort Zone: Tranquility Body Cream

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Profoundly hydrated and compact skin, an effective silkening and anti-aging action and the increase of skin defense 200ml
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A rich, nourishing, aromatic, body cream which is extremely enveloping and contributes in rendering the beauty routine a true ritual of beauty and wellbeing. The rich and precious texture fuses with the skin, bestowing silkiness profound hydration and sensation of comfort. 

For all skins and in particular those which are very dry and in temperate and cold climates. Ideal at the end of the day to calm and alleviate stress.

Amaranth oil, from the Greek "amarantos", meaning 'immortal', is characterized by a lipidic fraction composed principally of triglycerides, tocopherols and tocotrienols, which turn out to be very similar to the skin and to it's own anti-oxidant network. for this reason the lipids of the amaranth oil are a precious remedy for extremely dehydrated skin. Trimoist® is a complex that mimics the three skin mechanisms of hydration: reinforcing the functionality of the lipidic mantle with lipophilic substances, increasing the capacity to link water through hydrophilic substances, and improvingskin defense thanks to betaglucan. the result is compact, hydrated, and protected skin. an exclusive firming anti-age complex, obtained from rye, favours the synthesis of mechano-receptors that are stimulated by external pressure or massage, prompting a reaction that brings the activation of fibroblasts. this improves skin's defense mechanism, resulting in a firming effect. Canilla and rose oils accompany the heart notes of the fragrance, bringing forth nourishment to the skin.

How to use & Ingredients
How to use

Apply generously to the entire body and massage until completely absorbed every day, after shower or bath, to hydrate and leave the skin velvety and pleasantly fragranced.


IngredientsAmaranth oil, trimoist®, anti-age firming complex, rose and vanilla oils.
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Comfort Zone: Tranquility Body Cream