Comfort Zone: Sublime Skin Cream

Comfort Zone: Sublime Skin Cream

Comfort Zone: Sublime Skin 2.0 Peel Pads

Comfort Zone: Sublime Skin 2.0 Peel Pads

Comfort Zone: Sublime Skin Rich Cream

Ultra-nourishing and redensifying cream formulated to combat extreme dryness, thinning, and skin fragility.


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An ultra-nourishing and redensifying cream formulated to combat extreme dry­ness, thinning and skin fragility typical of more mature or very dry skin. Thanks to a pool of ingredients that support skin integrity, and an anti-aging bo­tanical Achillea extract, the contours of the face appear more defined and the skin looks radiant and deeply nourished.

CONSCIOUS SKIN SCIENCE™ product with 98.8% ingredients of natural origin, without animal derivatives, silicones, mineral oils, artificial colors, ethoxylates (PEG) and acrylates.

Features and Benefits:

An ultra-rich cream to offer the skin immediate comfort and a feeling of well-be­ing. Lightly colored formulation to brighten the complexion. The special biomi­metic lamellar texture mimics the lipid composition of the stratum corneum and gives an immediate feeling of well-being and deep nourishment.

How to use & Ingredients
How to use

Apply to the face and neck, then massage until completely absorbed.

Ideal for dry and very dry skin or mature skin with tissue laxity, loss of firmness and reduced elasticity.

PRECAUTIONS: Avoid contact with eyes.


CHICORY EXTRACT stimulates vitamin D receptors in the basal layer of the epidermis, promoting the epidermal differentiation process and strengthening the skin barrier.

BIOTECHNOLOGICAL MARINE EXTRACT: a species, Halomonas eurihalina, that adapts to the harsh and changing environment, has been discovered in the salt flats of Agua Amarga in Spain. The extract obtained from this organism improves the connection between keratinocytes and cells in the epidermal and dermal layers, op­timizing skin function and the synthesis of new collagen.

ACHILLEA MILLEFOLIUM from the Davines scientific garden, one of the oldest plants known and used by man, rediscovered and extracted through a sustainable method that uses high-pressure water. The name comes from Achilles, who used to treat wounds with Achillea. Rich in chlorogenic acid, it has been clinically proven to in­crease collagen synthesis and reduce collagenase.

ABYSSINIAN OIL, SHEA BUTTER AND PLANT-BASED SQUALENE FROM OLIVE OIL create a rich, velvety texture, making the skin instantly softer to the touch. Omega 6 and 9, along with tocopherols and phytosterols, help improve skin hydration levels.

Science-Based Conscious Formula™ free of parabens, silicones, mineral oils, artificial colors, animal derivates and MIT. 81% natural-origin ingredients

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