Comfort Zone: Skin Regimen Ginger Cleansing Oil

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Innovative cleansing oil that transforms to a soft milk texture when in contact with water


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The gentle, non-greasy formula is rich in fatty acids, ensuring optimal hydrolipidic balance of the skin while effectively removing makeup, SPF, daily residue and impurities. Formulated with a blend of macadamia, jojoba and sweet almond oils to help strengthen the skin barrier, it also features essential oil of ginger for anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and a delicate aroma that promotes energy. Especially suitable for those who need a delicate cleanser due to specific skin conditions.

Features and Benefits:

-Suitable for all skin types, especially those who need a delicate cleanser due to specific skin conditions
-Ginger extracted from the roots of the plant. Commonly used for multiple medicinal, therapeutic and cosmetic applications
-Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties support microcirculation and help to eliminate muscle tension
-Strong antioxidant properties protect skin from free radicals responsible for aging
-Uplifting aroma elevates mood and promotes energy and positivity
-Vegetal oils deeply cleanse while hydrating even the driest skin to restore softness and elasticity, and strengthen the skin barrier

How to use & Ingredients
How to use

Dispense 2-3 pumps into dry hands and apply to face with circular massage movements. Add lukewarm water and continue massage to emulsify oil and transform to a milk texture. Remove with cotton pad or face flannel, and rinse with adequate amount of water. Use as single or double step cleanser.

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Comfort Zone: Skin Regimen Ginger Cleansing Oil